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Hunting with Barwon

Barwon prides itself on being an inclusive club and welcomes new members, young or old. Our hunt season runs from May to September.

At the beginning of each season there is a training weekend where we offer instruction and try to emulate a real hunt to give people new to hunting – or those with new horses – an insight of what to expect on a hunt day. This is an informal weekend where we try to educate while having a lot of fun.

During the season, for riders not wishing to jump fences, there is an option of the non jumping field who follow the hunt until we get to a jump where they take the gate and then rejoin the main field. This can be an excellent way to introduce you or your horse to hunting.

If you are interested in coming along to a hunt but are not sure about committing to joining Barwon you may hunt as a visitor and pay a capping fee of $50 per hunt. You may do this up to 3 times in one season and after which, you would be expected to join.

If you would like to join Barwon Hunt you must complete a nomination form and be proposed and seconded for membership by a current hunting member. There are different categories of membership which are as follows:

Full Hunting Member $350
This entitles members to attend all hunts during the season. You will be kept up to date of the hunt programme and social activities and functions. Full Hunting members have full voting rights (subject to a probationary period).

Junior Hunting Member
under 16 years of age-$65, 16 to 18 years of age-$175, Full time student-$175
Young riders are encouraged to join the hunt and ride with full hunting members, so long as they are are accompanied by a guardian. Junior hunting members can enjoy all the benefits of full hunting members. Junior Hunting members have no voting rights.

Hunt Supporter $35
Usually non riding members. This is perfect for someone wishing to be associated with the hunt on a low cost basis. Voting rights do not attach to this category of membership. You will receive the Barwon Hunt Newsletter and be kept up to date of social functions.