Barwon Hunt Hunter Pace

What is a Hunter Pace?

Hunter Pacing is a popular sport in America. A course is set over approximately 6-8 km of Hunt Country, taking in both hunt fences and man made fences. All jumps are optional, some with lower alternatives. Competitors must ride in pairs or teams of three and the team closest to the optimum time is the winner.

The optimum pace time is determined in the following manner...
The MFH of the hunt (or their delegate) will ride the course with a partner at a speed appropriate to that out hunting taking into consideration the terrain and the prevailing conditions. The time they take to complete the course will be the optimum time. The identity of the pace settering team and their time are kept secret until all riders have completed the course. The course will be clearly marked with arrows at turns and indicating go-arounds. There will be one check point of 3 minutes, teams missing a check point will be disqualified. There will be a Vet at the check. The Vet has the authority to stop a competitor from continuing or withholding them at the check for an extended period as deemed necessary.

A horse may only participate once, but a rider may compete as many times as they please.

Refreshment is served to all competitors after the Pace and is included in the competition entry. $5.00 for meals for non-competitors may be purchased.

Sashes and Trophy to be awarded.