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Hunting Manners

1. Always turn yourself out as well as you can afford as a compliment to the Master and the Landowners over whose land you ride.
2. It is an unwritten rule of the Barwon Hunt that no one should wear a scarlet coat or green collar except at the invitation of the Master.
3. Approved safety helmet, black or blue coat, white stock, buff or light colour breeches, black boots and gloves are correct dress.
4. Approved safety helmet, tweed coat, collar and tie, buff or light breeches, black or tan boots, gloves are also acceptable dress.
5. Junior Members: Approved safety helmet, collar and tie, tweed or black coat, jodhpurs, gloves. Pony Club uniform may also be worn. Girls should keep their hair tidy by means of a net.

Manners in the Field

1. Upon arrival at the Meet approach the Master, and irrespective of whether you know him personally or not, raise your cap and say “Good Morning Master”. Also bid the Huntsman and Deputy Master “Good Morning”. Be punctual at the Meet.
2. If you spend just an odd day with a pack of hounds and are not a member of the Barwon Hunt, contact the Secretary, do not wait to be asked for the Capping Fee.
3. If you choose to qualify your horse notify the Master or official in charge before the commencement of the Hunt. See that your horse goes through the Hunt satisfactorily and check in again at the end of the day.
4. At all times one should maintain a respectful position behind the Master. Never get between the Huntsman and hounds.
5. When the hounds are drawing remain closely bunched up and behind the Master. Do not talk loudly or smoke.
6. SHUT ALL GATES. Make sure somebody is responsible for the gate before you leave it open, or shut it yourself.
7. The Master, the Huntsman and Whips have priority at gateways and when jumping an obstacle. Make way for the above by turning your mount towards them.
8. Assume that every horse kicks and never gallop immediately behind someone else. When jumping, once you pick your place in the fence stick to it regardless of whether you care for it or not, and make sure you are always two lengths apart.
9. Never jump an obstacle unnecessarily or gallop through a herd of cattle or flock of sheep. Ride around the side fence of crop paddock.
10. Junior Members should regard their hunting as a privilege not as a right, and should therefore respect the position of Senior hunting members in the field.
11. If your horse refuses a jump, pull away from the fence immediately and come at it at the rear of the field.
12. Report any damage you do to the Master or Huntsman.
13. If you see a hole, stump, broken glass or wire, point it out with your hand and call to others following “Ware holes’ or “Ware wire” etc.
14. When a fox is hollowed away from a covert always give hounds plenty of time to settle before you start to gallop. A hunt is made or marred at this stage, and the pack must be given time to tune in their noses to the scents of the moment, before they feel the threat of galloping behind them.

Car Followers

Park your car on the correct side of the road in a single file. Keep clear of the hunting fences. Do not make unnecessary noise when hounds are drawing a covert. Always turn your engine off.

Dogs Prohibited

No member, member’s guest, or visitor should bring any dog, whether on a lead or locked in a car or other vehicle, to any meet of the Club. Our landowners provide permission to use their property on this STRICT proviso.